Asset TV: Bryn Jones on the UK Corporate Bond Market

The economy is picking up. Great news for the financial strength of UK companies. But, rate rises are on the cards too. What does it all mean for investors in UK corporate bonds? Head of Fixed Income and Fund manager Bryn Jones is joined by James Tomlins of M&G and Daniel Mckernan of Standard Lif... Read more >>

Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund

The Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund is an actively managed fund with a distinctly different approach, making it one of the top performing Global Equity funds, available in the UK since its inception in May 2001 (Source: Financial Express, as at 30.09.14) Over the summer months the managers ha... Read more >>

Available on demand: Rathbone Income Fund

Equities have outstripped their rival sectors for 16 successive months and UK Equity Income funds continue to dominate headlines following the recent publication of fund sales by the IMA. Many are asking, where next for the sector? Read more >>

Telegraph TV - Thomson: 'S&P 500 hits 2000 but I'm still buying Facebook'

James Thomson, who runs the Rathbone Global Opportunities fund, is still finding value in US shares despite the S&P 500 index hitting a new record high Read more >>

Telegraph TV - Interview with James Thomson

'Pharmaceutical shares are entering a golden era'. James Thomson, who manages the Rathbone Global Opportunities fund, has bought pharmaceutical shares for the first time in eleven years. Here he explains why. Read more >>

Investment Notes

In addition to our in-depth Quarterly Investment Reports on each fund, we produce a monthly note which covers significant purchases and sales during the month as well as brief market and stock comment as has affected the fund.


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