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Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund


01/05/2002 00:00:00Rathbone Brothers PlcRathbone Brothers PlcFixed income funds


  • Focus on high quality (investment grade) bonds.
  • Higher income, aiming at 5-7% gross interest yield.
  • Quarterly payout of income.


  • The fund is a traditional socially responsible investment (SRI) fund.
  • Experience of managing ethically-screened private-client investment business.
  • Engagement, governance and stewardship managed by a central governance committee.
  • Open and transparent ethical criteria and reporting lines.

Why invest

  • Strong, defensive and income yielding.
  • Backing of Rathbone Greenbank Investments, whose team members have been at the forefront of ethical investment since 1992.

Important info

Ratings (based on master fund)

Notes on downloads

  • Our industry trade body in the UK, The Investment Association (IA), offers additional guidance on the charges and costs of investing. Please visit the IA website.
  • The largest ethical holdings can be found in the factsheet, and a full list of holdings can be found in the long-form managers report, available in downloads section on this page.
  • Details of the ethical criteria and how it is monitored and developed is in the product brochure.

How to invest

Visit our ‘how to invest’ pages to find out your various options for buying the fund. This includes information about your contacts within Rathbones.

The Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund is now part of the SRI Services’ fund ecomarket tool. This is a database of onshore green and ethical funds (also known as SRI) that are available via UK IFAs.

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