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Rathbone Multi-Asset Strategic Growth Portfolio


01/05/2009 00:00:00Rathbone Brothers PlcRathbone Brothers PlcMulti-asset portfolios
  • A core holding for those seeking to generate long-term returns at a lower volatility than equity markets
  • Achieving long term capital growth through diversifying investments
  • For medium risk investors, aiming to produce balanced-type returns
  • Time horizon: A minimum of five years or more.

Why invest

  • Suitable for anyone saving for a pension, or as a core holding in an overall investment portfolio
  • Suitable for anyone aiming to achieve a real return compatible with that of the stockmarket over long term.

Important info

Ratings (based on master fund)

Notes on downloads

  • Our industry trade body in the UK, The Investment Association (IA), offers additional guidance on the charges and costs of investing. Please visit the IA website.

How to invest

Visit our ‘how to invest’ pages to find out your various options for buying the fund. This includes information about your contacts within Rathbones.

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