Investment updates


Too poor to retire

No matter who you ask, young or old, rich or poor, ‘leave’ or ‘remain’, the answer is resoundingly pessimistic: young people are likely to be financially worse off than their parents. Read more >>

Investment update - Budget 2018

Chancellor Philip Hammond may have presented the Budget as austerity coming to an end, but we reckon slow growth and fiscal tightening are here to stay. See our InvestmentUpdate on the 2018 Budget, now available and approved for sharing with all clients and contacts Read more >>

Quarterly Investment Update - Keeping the show on the road

One of the longest rallies in history has many clients asking, “Are we nearly there yet?” Or, rather, are there signs of recession on the horizon? Our analysis suggests there is still some road to travel on this economic recovery. Read more >>

Investment update - Shedding light on Brexit ‘unknowns’

Brexit poses many unanswerable questions: Can any deal appeal to a majority in Parliament? Is the Irish border problem intractable? And the list goes on. But it turns out there’s actually quite a lot of information in “we don’t know”. In this InvestmentUpdate we use our own ‘Brexit decision tree’ to... Read more >>

Investment update - putting the correction in context

Extreme investor optimism has been dealt a blow. But growth is still strong, inflation is still low, and we believe the equity-market correction is likely to be short-lived. Read more >>

Oh! Jeremy Corbyn

The thought of Jeremy Corbyn as the UK’s next Prime Minister provokes passion across the political spectrum. For our clients and the investments we manage on their behalf, there are many questions about the impact of a Corbyn-led government; not least, what does it mean for the UK economy and market... Read more >>

Investment update - a new tune for 2018

Investment update - a new tune for 2018

Synchronicity has made a comeback this year, 34 years after topping the pop charts. Investors are touting a somewhat flimsy theory about global growth and equity returns, but we’ll be watching more convincing charts in 2018. Read more >>

Hammond eases, but still squeezes

Hammond eases, but still squeezes

A small giveaway budget offset by a grave deterioration in the outlook for UK growth and the government’s tax receipts shouldn’t move the dial for investors. Read more >>

Personal inflation calculator

How applicable is the national rate of inflation to you? We’ve created a personal inflation calculator to help you compare your personal inflation rate to that experienced by the average consumer. This personal inflation calculator provides an indicative rate reflecting the most common ways of sp... Read more >>

Inflation matters

An executive summary of the full inflation report for anyone who would like a brief overview of the key points Read more >>