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What a difference a year makes….

Rathbones’ Asset Allocation Strategist, Ed Smith, reflects on one year since the outcome of the Brexit referendum and assesses the impact of the decision to leave the European Union on the UK economy. Read more >>

Rathbones’ Smith: "Lightning strikes twice"

Taken at face value, Trump triumph sets US up for years of policy fantasy Read more >>

Rathbones Edward Smith on the EU referendum

Ahead of the EU Referendum, Rathbones Edward Smith talks about some Brexit myths Read more >>

Q1 2016 Market update

Important information

“Equities are no longer expensive”

Investors are now asking whether markets are still too expensive. Elevated valuations have been a headwind to global equity returns for the last two years. However, after the recent correction most major markets appear somewhat undervalued across a variety of metrics. For further press informat... Read more >>

Another replay of the credit crises of 2008?

After the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates in December, global monetary policy diverged for the first time since 2008 – excepting, of course, the ill-advised and short-lived European Central Bank tightening of 2011. Investors fretted that the Fed’s move would combine with slowing Chinese gro... Read more >>

Sentiment not backed up by fundamentals

Rathbones CIO, Julian Chillingworth offers perspective on recent market moves Read more >>

Julian Chillingworth, CIO, Rathbones, examines the implications of the Budget for UK growth

Contrary to the protracted preamble, the Budget has revealed that the Conservatives are easing back on their austerity plans. If one defines austerity as changes in the cyclically-adjusted current surplus/deficit, also referred to as fiscal drag, the adjustment next year, and the year after, will be... Read more >>

Pensions and personal finance – the effect of scottish independence, some brief thoughts

At the time of writing, Scottish house prices look stable; however, any onerous taxes on land and property could be negative.  It has become clear that talk around the independence referendum has led to discussion about uncertainty regarding currency, but there is also some uncertainty regardin... Read more >>

Rathbones ' Julian Chilllingworth on the budget

This was a noisy Budget, but with few macro proposals. With GDP forecasts for 2014 up to 2.7% from 1.8%, the UK economy will be larger this coming year than pre-the 2008 collapse. While there has also been the largest reduction in deficit in the developed world, with the potential for a surplus by 2... Read more >>