Quarterly investment insights


Q1 2018 Investment Insights - Wait and Xi

Markets have become sensitive to concerns about the pace of China’s economic growth, which is why its government policy matters to investors everywhere. Read more >>

Q4 Investment Insights - Digging below the surface of UK indices

Investors today are paying a relatively high price for the domestically focused FTSE 250 compared with its larger multinational peers in the FTSE 100. This may seem counter-intuitive given Brexit uncertainty. As our lead article explains, this divergence is creating both opportunities and challenges... Read more >>

Q3 2017 Investment insights - great tech-spectations

For the second time in its relatively short history, the US technology sector is booming. Yet with some valuations reaching dizzying heights, can the good times continue? Read more >>

Optimism with vigilance

Optimism with vigilance

Indicators point to a peak in the pace of global expansion, but we still prefer equities to bonds Read more >>

Q2 2017 Investment insights - a problem shared

Inflation is picking up around the world.  Businesses that can pass on increases in costs to their customers are likely to be the winners.This is the 12th issue of our quarterly publication, Investment Insights, in which we consider:Investment Insights is aimed at intermediaries.  The them... Read more >>

Q4 Investment insights - 'Beware of protectionism'

With popular politics on the rise around the world, a potential wave of new trade tariffs on imports represents one of the greatest risks to investment returns Read more >>