Web debates/conferences


ESG Masterclass

ESG accounts for around a quarter of the assets around the world, so does this mean that it is now mainstream? And what does an ESG fund offer compared to other funds that do not take into account ESG characteristics? Read more >>

Multi-Asset | Masterclass

Demand for multi-asset funds have burgeoned but now as we enter a period of quantitative tightening, uncertainty and geopolitics plague markets, does it still offer the diversification benefits on which it's built? Read more >>

ESG | Masterclass

ESG has become a buzzword of the fund management industry, so does this mean it has become or is becoming mainstream? Read more >>

Fixed Income | Masterclass

The first quarter of 2018 has been the worst for fixed income since the global financial crisis; why was this and is it likely to continue? Read more >>

Year in Review | Masterclass

2017 has been an eventful year with Brexit, Trump, political and economic uncertainty, central bank monetary policy and also high and low yields. These all characterized the year, so are we going to see more of the same in 2018? Read more >>

Asset TV Fixed Income Masterclass

Fixed Income has long acted as a safety net but rising rates pose a challenge. In this Masterclass a panel of experts discuss how fixed income is positioned today, managing risk, long vs. short duration, views on geopolitical risk in Europe and current trends in ESG and social bonds Read more >>

Multi-Asset | Masterclass

In this Masterclass, David Coombs, Head of Multi-Asset Investments at Rathbones discusses multi-asset investing and its concerns for investors, how to approach multi-asset investing when there is so much uncertainty, what current equity opportunities there are and what trends can be found in the ind... Read more >>

2016 - Year in review masterclass

In the final Masterclass of 2016, two experts give a review of the year and an outlook for 2017. Topics discussed include the world economy through the year, market reactions from Brexit, the US election and Italian referendum, asset price inflation and the slowing Chinese economy. Read more >>

Fixed Income masterclass with Rathbones' Bryn Jones

A panel of experts discuss the backdrop of fixed income, the timescale of a US interest rate rise, pros and cons of ATFs and give their individual views on emerging markets. How fixed income managers are positioning portfolios? Where are mainstream managers finding value in fixed income? and how... Read more >>

Fixed Income masterclass with Rathbones' Bryn Jones

The panel of experts discuss finding value, the risks of lending money, the Fed rate rise and the effects of a 25 basis point rate rise. Read more >>