How to invest

Investments are always a balance between risk and reward. Before you choose to invest with us, there are a few important things to consider...

Make an informed decision

Before you make any decisions, please read the appropriate key investor information document and supplementary information document for important information about our equity and fixed income funds.

Our industry trade body, The Investment Association (IA), offer additional guidance on the charges and costs of investing. Please visit the IA website.

If you have questions about investing with us, a financial adviser may help you make an informed decision. See below for information about finding a financial adviser.

Choose a suitable fund

Do you want income, capital growth or a combination of both from your investment? Do you prefer a riskier investment with greater potential for growth, or a less volatile investment with slower, steadier growth?

Visit our fund pages to access useful reports and help you decide.

Decide how much to invest, and when

How much you invest is a very personal decision which must consider a number of things. Do you want a tax-free investment, or will you want fast access to your invested funds?  You may favour a riskier approach to investing, but how much can you afford to lose?

Visit our fund pages to help you choose.

Ready to invest?

Read how to invest at our SICAV page for next steps.

After you buy

After investing with us you receive:

  • Confirmation of your investment, including the price and number of units bought
  • updates on the progress of the fund(s) bought, every six months in the form of a managers report
  • Valuations every six months, dated 31 December and 30 June

Browse the fund pages for factsheets, managers reports and a host of other fund information.

Or contact us: