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Hammond eases, but still squeezes

Hammond eases, but still squeezes

A small giveaway budget offset by a grave deterioration in the outlook for UK growth and the government’s tax receipts shouldn’t move the dial for investors. Read more >>

Personal inflation calculator

How applicable is the national rate of inflation to you? We’ve created a personal inflation calculator to help you compare your personal inflation rate to that experienced by the average consumer. This personal inflation calculator provides an indicative rate reflecting the most common ways of sp... Read more >>

Inflation matters

An executive summary of the full inflation report for anyone who would like a brief overview of the key points Read more >>

Under pressure? Inflation paper

Inflation is one of the most complicated and fiercely debated economic realities of everyday life, and it’s something that concerns us all. But the prices we pay for goods and services are affected by a variety of shifting forces throughout the global economy. Understanding how they interact can pro... Read more >>

A very short history of inflation

It’s helpful to think of inflation in terms of the old adage, too much money chasing too few goods. But don’t let the simplicity of that statement fool you: the factors that influence the flow of money and the amount of goods (and services) produced are vast, and we have limited our discussion to th... Read more >>

Demographics at a tipping point

A permanent change in the age structure of a population — its demography — can alter patterns of consumption, saving and investment. It can also affect the size of the workforce and its skillset, the rate of productivity growth, and the way in which income is distributed between labour and the owner... Read more >>

Exploring globalisation's net effect on inflation

Globalisation has come a long way fast, but the process has slowed. On the basis of the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom Index, more than 98% of the world’s population has lived in a capitalist society since 2005, up from just 30% in 1985 (figure 9). Read more >>

Who's in the driver's seat?

The elusive relationship between jobs, wages and prices. If falling dependency ratios and globalisation have eroded workers’ bargaining power in advanced economies, is there still a link between a country’s employment conditions and its rate of inflation? Read more >>

Investment conclusions: Inflation expectations and scenarios for the next 20 years

As we’ve seen, some of the structural forces that shape inflation are shifting in interesting ways. But the balance of evidence does not suggest a significant likelihood of either a profoundly inflationary or profoundly deflationary scenario. We’re sorry if this makes the report a bit of a let-down. Read more >>

Investment update - The power of increments: small changes over a long time

Investment update - The power of increments: small changes over a long time

Don’t be distracted by what seems potent now, try to look forward to what will really make a difference to the landscape. A fierce wind whipping around you today will have died away in a year’s time. But a glacier will have crept forward a third of a mile. Read more >>