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Key investor information

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  • Objectives and investment policy
  • Risk and reward profile
  • Charges on the fund
  • Past performance

Application forms

  • Unit trust funds
  • Multi-asset portfolios
  • ISAs

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Supplementary information

UT supplementary information document (SID)

Practical information on the:

  • Application process
  • Management company
  • Terms and conditions

Fund factsheets

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Monthly investment notes

Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund
  • Sales & purchases
  • Market overview
  • Commentary on stocks/holdings

Quarterly investment reports

Rathbone Heritage Fund
  • In-depth review of performance
  • Portfolio activity
  • Investment outlook

Investment process brochures

Rathbone Global Opportunities
  • Investment philosophy
  • Buy and sell discipline
  • Risk management

Fund manager reports

Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund
  • Annual and interim updates
  • Reports on investments held
  • Fund commentary
  • Records of income generated and charges made

Why buy?

  • Top performing funds
  • Endorsements from IFAs, rating agencies and the press
  • Support from more than 3,000 IFAs
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Fund brochures

Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund
  • Includes example holdings information/ case studies
  • Investment criteria
  • Contacts/ biographies


A compilation of common questions and answers.


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An alphabetical library, defining investments terms and acronyms.