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Rathbone Income Fund

The UK Equity Income sector continues to dominate fund sales and investor discussion. Citywire rated Fund Manager Carl Stick, explores 'what next'? for this popular sector and explains why his risk based approach to investment continues to be an attractive proposition for clients seeking diversifi... Read more >>

Asset TV Fixed Income MasterclassPlay video

Listen to the panel of experts discuss liquidity in 2016, a high yield meltdown and the bank of England. Rathbones Bryn Jones is joined by Mike Riddell, Allianz and Paul Malloy at Vanguard

Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund

Despite one of the best years in the Fund’s history, which has seen the fund deliver 16% over the 12 months to 31.12.2015 versus the sector at 3%, James still says he has “more buy ideas than space in the Fund” but he acknowledges risks on the horizon for his investing style and positioning. Join hi... Read more >>

Market and investment outlook for 2016

Julian Chillingworth, CIO of Rathbones, in our opening webcast for 2016, as he discusses where our growth opportunities lie, and the key issues that will shape our investment strategy. While investors remain fixated on the path of interest rates, economic growth is an equally important driver of... Read more >>

Year in review with Rathbones CIO Julian ChillingworthPlay video

2015 was the year of “quality” stocks but will value come into fashion in 2016? How keenly priced is the FTSE, having falling some 800 points since April? What happens when the deflationary impact of past oil price falls comes out of the inflation calculations in 2016?

Investment notes

In addition to our in-depth quarterly investment reports on each fund, we produce a monthly note which covers significant buys and sells during the month as well as brief market and stock comment as has affected the fund.

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