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City financial global equity review

The Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund is currently on the ‘recommended’ or rated funds panel at the Adviser Centre. City Financial analysts, Peter Toogood and Gill Hutchison bring their research to life. In their latest second quarter review of 2016. You can find out what to expect of the fund,... Read more >>

Brexit: the investment implications | MasterclassPlay video

In this Masterclass, Rathbones David Coombs, Head of Multi-Asset Investments, is among the panel of experts discussing the investment implications since Brexit. How markets are pricing political risk, the influence of potential illiquidity of investments and how major moves in currencies can affect...

BREXIT - the aftermath

The shock outcome of the EU referendum – and its political consequences – changed the landscape of UK markets overnight. Waves of panic washed over global equity markets following the shock Brexit result. But recovery has been swift – for now at least. We are now faced with a situation, desperately... Read more >>

Multi-asset portfolios webcast

As the impact of Britain leaving the European Union continues to clarify, David Coombs, Fund Manager and Head of Multi-Asset Investments at Rathbones discusses the potential issues that are likely to affect us in the months ahead. The recovering oil price will also be brought into focus, as will the... Read more >>

Rathbones Edward Smith on the EU referendum

Ahead of the EU Referendum, Rathbones Edward Smith talks about some Brexit myths Read more >>

Investment notes

In addition to our in-depth quarterly investment reports on each fund, we produce a monthly note which covers significant buys and sells during the month as well as brief market and stock comment as has affected the fund.

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Multi-asset portfolios

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