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Webcast: Rathbone Strategic Bond Fund

The current climate of low interest rates, low inflation and uncertain investor sentiment towards credit markets has created much debate around how clients' portfolios should be positioned. Bryn Jones (manager of the Rathbone Strategic Bond Fund) and Noelle Cazalis (Credit Analyst), will explain ho... Read more >>

Rathbone Income Fund

Carl examines how his risk based approach to investment continues to be an attractive proposition for clients seeking diversification with a growing income stream. Read more >>

An introduction to the Rathbone Multi-Asset Strategic Income Portfolio

Head of Multi-Asset Investments, David Coombs, introduces the new addition to the multi-asset suite of funds. The Rathbone Multi-Asset Strategic Income Portfolio. In an unpredictable world, you do not know how long you will need an income or how much you will need. If your money stands still, the... Read more >>

Fixed Income Masterclass - the outlook for developed marketsPlay video

In this Masterclass, Alliance Trust Investments, Church House, Rathbones and Schroders discussed the financial health of UK plc, why historic default rates on high yield are not relevant to today’s market environment and how to cope with the lack of sterling issuance in the corporate bond market.

Brighttalk Investment Summit: David Coombs

David Coombs raises the following compelling points: 1.Targeting income in a rising interest rate environment-- how do we avoid losses if yields rise? 2. Rising liquidity risk in income producing asset classes-- what does this mean and how do I spot it? 3. Achieving a consistently increasing inc... Read more >>

Investment notes

In addition to our in-depth quarterly investment reports on each fund, we produce a monthly note which covers significant buys and sells during the month as well as brief market and stock comment as has affected the fund.

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