Monthly market review


Economic and market review November 2017

UK inflation crept 10 basis points higher to 3.1% in November, breaching the Bank of England’s target range. There has been some consternation about this, but we believe CPI has peaked and is unlikely to go much higher. Read more >>

Economic and market review October 2017

There’s some sun on the horizon, though. Analysts expect US earnings to improve noticeably and post double-digit growth for the next three quarters Read more >>

Economic and market review September 2017

British investors may get a shock when they look at their returns this month. For those investing in sterling, overseas stock market performances were downright dismal. Read more >>

Economic and market review August 2017

A North Korean missile, potentially capable of carrying a nuclear payload, soared over Japan in late August and sunk into the Sea of Japan. In response, 10-year Japanese government bond (JGBs) yields sunk too, from 0.009% to -0.009%. Read more >>

Economic and market review July 2017

Currencies bounced around last month as investors debated the strength of the UK’s Brexit negotiating position, whether the Federal Reserve (Fed) will slow its rate hikes, and if the European Central Bank will soon cut the number of bonds it buys each month as part of its quantitative easing program... Read more >>

Economic and market review June 2017

Inflation has flared up again in the UK, but that doesn’t mean the globe is awash with soaring prices. Read more >>

Economic and market review May 2017

Markets held their nerve in May amid a fresh terrorist atrocity in Manchester (soon followed by another in London in early June) and as polls published during the month pointed to growing uncertainty over the outcome of the fast-approaching general election. Read more >>

Economic and market review April 2017

Economists are a little jinxed right now. Whatever they say is likely to happen, the opposite has a funny way of showing up. Read more >>

Economic and market review March 2017

Markets were quite complacent following the Prime Minister’s triggering of Article 50. Granted, the process was subjected to the rack, with sterling taking the brunt during the ebb and flow of court case and policy announcements. Then Theresa May announced a snap election for 8 June and sterling soa... Read more >>

Economic and market review February 2017

The 25-basis-point hike by the US Federal Reserve in March was almost a fait accompli after February’s nonfarm payrolls figure easily outpaced economists’ expectations. Read more >>