Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolios update: Italy - a 'new wind' or a worrying whiff?

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Rathbone UK Opportunities Fund webcast

Global investors are as pessimistic about the UK as they were during the financial crisis. But with exploding M&A, appealing valuations and plenty of growth, can we really afford to ignore the UK market anymore? Take this opportunity to join Alexandra Jackson, manager of the Rathbone UK Opport... Read more >>

Multi-Asset update - exploring the China OBORtunity

China’s One Belt One Road initiative. Is this is Chinese solution to global economic blues? Hear how the multi-asset strategies are allocating to the region. Read more >>

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Rathbone Heritage Fund

Join fund managers Elizabeth Davis and David Harrison on Thursday 26 April, at 11am. Hear what sets this global, unconstrained fund apart, as the management team discuss their approach to managing the Rathbone Heritage Fund, five years on. Find out where it could fit into your clients’ portfolio... Read more >>

Are we seeing the start of a technology backlash?

Rathbones Multi-Asset update. Join our series of monthly updates with Assistant Fund Manager, Will McIntosh-Whyte If you believe everything you read, Amazon pays no taxes, YouTube advertises terrorism, Facebook hands out our data to the highest bidder and Apple is tracking our every move. Wi... Read more >>

Will the UK fall into a recession?

Rathbones Multi-Asset update. Join our series of monthly updates with Assistant Fund Manager, Will McIntosh-Whyte Read more >>

Rathbones Fixed Income funds webcast

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Rathbone Multi Asset Portfolios

Please join David Coombs, Head of Multi Asset Investing, on Wednesday 21st February at 11am for our live webcast. Given how valuations are high across all sectors, in addition to recent rising bond yields, David will be outlining his strategy in this difficult environment. Put your questions... Read more >>

Rathbone Income Fund

Please join Fund Manager Carl Stick on Wednesday the 24th January at 11am for our live webcast. Carl will review performance of the Rathbone Income Fund in 2017. He will also discuss the strategy and positioning of the fund looking ahead into 2018 and consider where opportunities for long term p... Read more >>