Rathbone Strategic Bond Fund

This is an opportunity to join Bryn Jones, Rathbones Head of Fixed Income and manager of the Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund and Rathbone Strategic Bond Fund, on 13th December at 11am for our live webcast. We will focus on the Strategic Bond Fund. Bryn will be discussing how the Rathbone Strategic Bon... Read more >>

Rathbone UK Opportunities Fund

Investing in the UK is at the very bottom of the list for global asset allocators. Is there something fundamentally wrong with UK-listed businesses or is this a case of Brexit-induced pessimism? Join fund manager Alexandra Jackson to discuss where the opportunities are in this overlooked market. Read more >>

Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolios: A close shave with Occam’s razor

The simplest solution tends to be the most likely answer. Following early October’s tumble, many different theories for the equity market fall have been thrown around. Join assistant fund manager Will McIntosh-Whyte as he argues you can follow a logical path back to a hefty jump in US Treasury yield... Read more >>

A Brand new world podcast

A Brand new world podcast

Alexandra Jackson, manager of the Rathbones UK Opportunities Fund interviews Sanjiv Tumkur, our Head of Equities Research on his latest report ‘A brand new world’. Sanjiv and Alexandra (and some of Rathbones’ very own millennials) explore how challenger brands are taking on the ‘branded gentry’ and... Read more >>

Rathbone Income Fund

Please join Fund Manager, Carl Stick on Wednesday 19th September at 11am for our live webcast. Carl will review performance of the Rathbone Income Fund in 2018. He will also discuss the strategy and positioning of the fund looking ahead and consider where opportunities for long term performance... Read more >>

Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolios

With all the noise in the US markets dominated by the big 5 FAANG stocks; what is happening in the rest of the market and how is the rest of the US economy performing? The FAANG stocks have become significant weightings in the US indices and been a big driver of the positive returns posted this year... Read more >>

Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolios update : An A for effort? Trump at the mid-terms

The US President has spent most of the year sending ill-advised tweets from the back of the classroom, but his boisterous optimism and background deregulation has pushed the US market to new highs. His politics may be questionable, but it’s businesses we focus on. Join assistant fund manager Will Mc... Read more >>

Rathbone Global Opportunities Fund

James Thomson, manager of the Rathbone Global Opportunities fund will discuss the drivers of top quartile performance in 2018 including the zero exposure to EM, declining UK and overweight US, tech and defensive growth. He will also address the vulnerabilities of his strategy and highest conviction... Read more >>

Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolios: Bored of Brexit

Assistant fund manager Will McIntosh-Whyte discusses how the multi-asset team remain vigilant in positioning the funds in the face of the ongoing saga that is Brexit Read more >>

Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolios update: Italy - a 'new wind' or a worrying whiff?

Will looks at the implications of recent developments in Italian politics, and discusses how the multi-asset funds are positioned Read more >>