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Rathbone Heritage Fund


  • A focused global stock-picking fund with no geographic restrictions
  • Concentrated portfolio of around 30 holdings
  • Risk management through selection of high quality companies
  • Flexible and unconstrained mandate managed within a strict investment process
  • No sector or benchmark tracked
  • No income mandate.

Important info


How to invest

Visit our ‘how to invest’ pages to find out your various options for buying the fund.

Notes on downloads

  • Our compliance with the UK stewardship code is written in this pdf.
  • The details on our fund charges and fees can be found in 'our charges explained'. These have been designed for you to use with your clients.
  • Our industry trade body in the UK, The Investment Association (IA), offers additional guidance on the charges and costs of investing. Please visit the IA website.

Five common “myths” of Brexit dispelled in Rathbones report

9th March 2016 in Market commentary

The report, titled If you leave me now, looks to assess the impact of the Referendum on the markets and investment strategy. One of the main aims of the paper is to challenge some of the hyperbole or “myths” surrounding five main issues. Specifi...

Conflicts of interest policy

19th August 2016 in Regulatory

Asset management businesses are required, as part of their regulatory obligations, to identify potential and actual conflicts of interest which may arise during the course of undertaking regulated or ancillary activities, and have systems and procedu...

US vs Europe - the American Dream is alive and kicking

6th October 2016 in Investment updates

One of the main aims of the paper is to demonstrate why Rathbones believes the US still offers “superior investment opportunities” versus Europe and remains “reassuringly expensive”.

Q3 Investment update; 'No room for complacency'

7th October 2016 in Investment updates

Financial and political chaos were widely predicted if the UK voted for ‘Brexit’, yet all is calm. While we remain unconcerned about the risk of a meaningful economic contraction in the short term, there are several risks to the UK and global economi...

  • 1Where can I find the latest Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) for the fund?
    This can be found in the latest managers report and fund factsheet which is available at this website, and you can contact us for further information on the following number: Information Line: 020 7399 0399 or email:
  • 2How do I obtain a managers report?
    This is a new fund, launched 25 March 2013. The managers report and a host of other fund information is available at this website, and you can contact us for further information on the following number Information Line: 020 7399 0399 or email:
  • 3What is the frequency of reporting?

    We produce monthly factsheets and monthly investment letters commentaries. Access to these reports is limited to Rathbone Heritage Fund investors only.

    Please call the Information Line: 020 7399 0399 or email: for further information.

  • 4Where can I find the fund prices?
    Historic and current prices can be found in the prices and performance section of this website and on
  • 5What is the minimum investment size?
    I class: The minimum lump sum investment is £1,000,000 (£500 for additional lump sum investments). 

    S class: The minimum lump sum investment is £30,000,000 (£500 for additional lump sum investments).

    A regular monthly savings plan is not available.

  • 6Can the fund form part of an ISA and/or a SIPP?


  • 7What dealing processes are available?

    Deals can be actioned are by telephone, fax, in writing or by EMX.

  • 8What is the dealing cut-off time for investments and redemptions? What are standard settlement terms?

    The dealing cut-off is 12:00 midday. The contract note is despatched within 24 hours and settled in ‘T+4’ working days.

  • 9What charges apply for this fund?

    Initial charge: None
    Annual Management Charge: 0.75% (I Class); 0.50% (S Class)

    For more information please see the [“Charges”] section of the fund’s Key Investor Information Document (KIID).

  • 10What are the income distribution dates for the fund?
    The fund will distribute income twice yearly. The interim payment will be 31 December and a final payment on 30 June.  The latest dividends and historic payments are published on the factsheet.
  • 11On what fund platforms can the fund be bought?

    We work with all major platforms, we will confirm availability shortly. For a sample list of third parties we work with, please visit the our fund partners page on this website.

  • 12What restrictions apply to the fund at stock and sector level? Are there any mandate-specific performance benchmarks?

    The fund will be unconstrained by geography, sector classification and market capitalisation and will not operate a benchmark.

  • 13How is stock/sector/country/currency risk controlled and monitored?

    The fund is monitored daily with accountability to the CIO and the RUTM Board of Directors. The trades executed by the manager are scrutinised on a weekly basis during a formal investment meeting. The compliance department monitors the funds overall exposure to an individual security as a percentage of issued share capital and that each scheme complies with its investment powers.

  • 14How is the fund manager remunerated?

    We now organise remuneration on the basis that we need to align our interests with those of our clients. They key to this is ensuring the business and the investment managers have a stake in the future success of the company. For the front office this means ensuring that they are delivering excellent performance over time, with clear accountability. As a result, the remuneration for front office is aligned with that of the client. The majority of bonuses are calculated on 1-3 years performance, with an emphasis on 3 rolling years. Two-thirds of bonuses are deferred and a minimum of 50% are be re-invested in the unit trusts. This ensures that the company does not take undue risk to with investors money and that there is a focus on the strength of our investment proposition.

    We would be more than happy to discuss the detail of the remuneration scheme with you, so that you can understand the drivers behind its construct.

  • 15Who is the fund managed by?

    The fund is managed by a dedicated team of experienced analysts and fund managers:

    Carl Stick, Fund Manager and Board Director, also manages the Rathbone Income Fund.
    Elizabeth Davis, Fund Manager, with a principal focus on quantitative stock screening and fundamental research.
    Alan Dobbie, Fund Manager, co-manages the Rathbone Blue Chip Income and Growth Fund and supports Carl in the management of the Rathbone Income Fund.
    Kate Pettem, Investment Analyst. She joined Rathbones in September 2012. Kate has over twenty five years of investment experience, both as a fund manager and an analyst, focussing for much of that time on North American equities.

  • 16How do I make a complaint?

    Unitholders (or shareholders) who have any queries or complaints about the operation of the fund should address them to the Compliance Officer, Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited, 8 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7AZ. Any complaint we receive will be handled in accordance with our internal complaint procedures. A copy of these is available from the Compliance Officer. In the unlikely event that you do not receive a satisfactory response after contacting ourselves you may direct your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service at Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR. Further details about the Financial Ombudsman Service are available on their website at

  • 17How do I obtain a managers report?
    This is a new fund, launched 25 March 2013. The managers report and a host of other fund information is available at this website, and you can contact us for further information on the following number Information Line: 020 7399 0399 or email: