Rathbones’ Smith: comments on the Spring Statement

Spring statement comment from Rathbones

Rathbones: ‘China, not India, will dominate Asian growth for at least another 20 years

Ed Smith, Head of Asset Allocation Research, Rathbones, argues that while India may be the ‘new China’ for some investors, China is set to remain the largest Asian growth engine over the next 20 years, despite concerns about its debt. Read more >>

Rathbones’ Coombs: “Why we are backing our strategy during market falls”

The correction we are seeing is due to strong US growth and concerns about a pick-up in wage inflation, fuelling the prospect of interest rates rising faster than forecast. Read more >>

Rathbones’ Smith: Should investors be worried by the US shutdown?

Ed Smith, Head of Asset Allocation Research, said: "The US Senate failed to agree a deal to fund the government and it shut down on Friday night. Read more >>

Rathbones appoints to Rathbone UK Opportunities Fund

Rathbones, one of the UK’s leading providers of investment management services for individuals, charities and professional advisers, has appointed James Workman to the Rathbone UK Opportunities Fund as an equity analyst, supporting fund manager, Alexandra Jackson Read more >>

2018 outlook from Rathbones' Coombs & McIntosh-Whyte: "When growth is scarce, target growth."

David Coombs, manager of the Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolio Funds, and assistant manager Will McIntosh-Whyte, share their seven key investment themes for 2018. Read more >>

Rathbones: Budget analysis

Rathbones’ Ed Smith: ‘Small giveaway budget offset by grave deterioration in the outlook for UK growth and the government’s tax receipts shouldn’t move the dial for investors.’ Read more >>

Rathbones launches personal inflation calculator

Provides clients with a way of calculating how their wealth might be affected by inflation Read more >>

Rathbones’ Ed Smith on the latest CPI figures

Consumer Price Index up in October

New research paper from Rathbones seeks to demystify inflation

In the latest of its series of research papers, Rathbones, one of the UK’s leading providers of investment management services for individuals, charities and professional advisers, explores some of the forces that influence inflation over the longer term in a new report: ‘Under Pressure? What’s driv... Read more >>

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