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About Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited

Rathbone Unit Trust Management is a leading UK fund manager.   We are an active management house, offering a range of equity and bond unit trusts and a multi-asset portfolio (consisting of four sub-funds) to meet your capital growth and income requirements.

We are an active management house, specialising in investment management for the retail investor and segregated institutional accounts. All of our unit trusts qualify for inclusion in ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) which can receive lump sums.

Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited is a wholly-owned, London-based subsidiary of Rathbone Brothers plc. In 1995 and 1996 respectively, Rathbone Brothers acquired stockbrokers Laurence Keen and Neilson Cobbold, securing many private wealth managers, and their clients. The company also acquired unit trusts from Laurence Keen Unit Trust Management including the Rathbone Income Fund- the success of which led to a rebranding of the operation in 1999 to Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited.

Through its subsidiaries, the parent company manages £47.3 billion of client funds, of which £6.0 billion is managed by Rathbone Unit Trust Management Limited. *(As at 30 September 2018)

For more information about Rathbone Brothers Plc and how Rathbones can help you develop an investment portfolio that meets your requirements, please visit the Rathbones website.

Directors of Rathbone Unit Trust Management

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PL Howell* - Chairman

MM Webb - Chief Executive Officer

JR Chillingworth - Chief Investment Officer

JM Ardouin* - Finance Director

NM Busby - Compliance Director

CRC Hexton*

RP Lanyon*

CR Stick

JG Thomson

BN Jones

* redirects to www.rathbones.com

The UK stewardship code

You can find information on the site outlining our procedures for engaging with, and intervening in, the management of the companies in which we invest. Please visit the regulatory news section of the website.

  • Key facts

    • Subsidiary of Rathbone Brothers Plc, est. 1742
    • Comprehensive range of equity, multi-asset and bond funds
    • Funds managed worth £6.0 billion
    • Established 1999
  • Why choose us?

    • Client-focused
    • Strong and robust investment process
    • Team continuity and motivation
    • Established business, strong parent
    • Approachable
    • For all your core investment needs
    • Depth of expertise